UW–Madison’s Budge is recognized for ‘Exceptional Service’

UW–Madison’s Stephanie Budge has been recognized for her exceptional service through the university’s Exceptional Service Support Program.

Photo of Stephanie Budge

Budge is an associate professor in the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology.

Budge will receive a course release in recognition of her repeatedly going above and beyond expectations to support students, colleagues, and the broader community, especially through advocating for gender nonconforming populations.

The Exceptional Service Support Program acknowledges and supports faculty members, especially women and those from historically underrepresented groups, who are sometimes asked to take on service roles disproportionate to those of other faculty.

Such service promotes the university’s interest in having a broad range of perspectives represented on important committees, engaging in governance, and taking on roles to support the university as an inclusive institution. The consequence for the faculty members providing disproportionately heavy service responsibilities, however, is that they have less time to satisfy the individual research requirements for promotion and professional advancement.

Budge was specifically recognized for remaining very productive with her scholarship while also performing exceptional service.