UW–Madison’s Ho is co-author of new book rethinking civics education — Oct. 22 book launch planned

UW–Madison’s Li-Ching Ho is a co-author of a new book that is titled, “Curriculum for Justice and Harmony: Deliberation, Knowledge, and Action in Social and Civic Education.” 

Li Ching, Co-director for Global Engagement.
Li-Ching Ho

Ho is a professor in the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as well as the faculty director of the School’s Global Engagement Office

Ho wrote the book with Keith C. Barton, a professor of curriculum and instruction and adjunct professor of history at Indiana University. 

“Curriculum for Justice and Harmony” focuses on a simple question: “How do we prepare young people to work for a better world?”

On the book’s website, the authors state: “The time is right for a new way of thinking about the curriculum of social and civic education. In this book, we present a global vision for education, one that can guide students in the pursuit of societal justice and harmony.” 

The book draws from diverse philosophical and cultural traditions, including Confucianism and Indigenous philosophies, as well as empirical research, and introduces curriculum principles designed to motivate and inform students’ thoughtful and compassionate deliberation of public issues. It is intended for educators who are involved in planning curriculum in social and civic education, or in helping others plan curriculum.

“With this book, we hope to bring a vision to social and civic education, one that will enable students to grow into a life of public participation, and one in which they can make informed decisions about how to address the world’s most pressing problems — whether in their own communities or on the other side of the globe,” Barton said in an interview.

A book launch for “Curriculum for Justice and Harmony” will be held at the Pyle Center at UW–Madison on Wednesday, Oct. 22, from 2:30-4:30 p.m. The event will include invited panelists Antonio Castro (University of Missouri), Hilary Conklin (DePaul University), and LaGarrett King (University of Missouri). Diana Hess, the dean of the UW–Madison School of Education, will deliver welcome remarks. 

Learn more about Ho and Barton’s book at justiceandharmony.com.