UW–Madison’s King, Lang co-author article about Hashkafa teacher leader project

UW–Madison’s Bruce King and Laura Lang are co-authors of a new article published in the Journal of Research in International Education that is titled, “Teacher Leadership Development: Building Bridges not Borders between Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Educators.”

Bruce King and Laura Lang
Bruce King (left) and Laura Lang

King is an emeritus faculty associate with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA), and Lang is an associate faculty associate with ELPA. They wrote the article in collaboration with colleagues in Jerusalem and Israel.

The article examines the Hashkafa (meaning both vision and perspective in Hebrew) teacher leader project, a unique partnership that brings together Israeli and Palestinian educators to support continual improvement in teaching and learning. The authors worked with teacher leaders from diverse schools to help them facilitate professional communities.

King and Lang have been working with the Hashkafa teacher leader project since fall 2018, making three trips to Israel and facilitating regular video conferences. Their work focuses on the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) framework and collaboration protocols to deepen teacher learning and transform instruction in districts throughout Israel.

Learn more about the Hashkafa project and access the full article, here.

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