UW–Madison’s Yu presents ‘Non-Ordinary’ in Taipei, Taiwan

Jin-Wen Yu

UW–Madison’s Jin-Wen Yu, a professor in the School of Education’s Dance Department, will present “Non-Ordinary,” a concert of contemporary, cross-cultural, cutting-edge dance, on April 10-11 in Taipei, Taiwan. The concert is shared with emerging Taiwanese choreographer Chien-Kuei Chang, featuring 10 outstanding Taiwanese professional dancers.

Yu will present a sextet, titled “Non-Ordinary Position,” that explores the idea of multiple viewing perspectives through mobile seating arrangements. In different sections of the dance, the audience’s seating is set up in unexpected formations, which is meant to challenge the traditional relationship between the audience and the performer. The intent is to engage the audience to actively participate in the concert by deciding which dance they would like to see.

The concert will also include Chang’s quartet, titled “The Outsider,” inspired by Albert Camus’ “L’Étranger.” The piece features unique dance vocabularies, which integrate street dance movements with contemporary dance practices.

This project is supported by the UW–Madison Graduate School, funds from the Bascom-Henry professorship, and the Chang Dance Theater.

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