Working Together to Address the Impact of Racism: A Virtual Event to Promote an Equitable and Inclusive School of Education

Date:                Tuesday, June 30

Time:                3 to 4:30 p.m.

Location:        Virtual Platform To Be Announced

Description:   This event is designed to create a necessary space where all School of Education faculty and staff can engage in critical dialogue around systemic racism that will ultimately promote racial awareness to build a more equitable and inclusive learning and working environment in the School.

Racial affinity groups will be introduced to enable a genuine connection among School faculty and staff of the same race, while also sharpening individuals’ capacity to engage in sensitive or challenging topics across races. The School of Education recognizes that our desire to be an anti-racist, unbiased, and inclusive academic community is ongoing and involves shared commitment, responsibility, action, and accountability. We aim to support our members by providing tools that enable self-examination and self-awareness of our own prejudices, biases, and patterns that contribute to systemic racism.

This event will serve as the catalyst for a series of Racial Ethnic Affinity Cluster Talks, or REACTs. Please stay tuned for an invitation to this event.

Future programming will also engage students in a similar process.

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