Webinar on May 6 will address how art bridges differences, promotes community healing

UW–Madison’s Peggy Choy will host a webinar, “Performing Body, Mind, Spirit: Community Healing in the Time of #BLM, Anti-Asian Violence, and BIPOC Solidarity,” on May 6, from 6 to 8 p.m., via Zoom.

Choy is an associate professor of dance and Asian American studies at UW–Madison.

This national event will bring together an innovative community of movers, poets, and drummers from California, Wisconsin, and New York to discuss their work and how it addresses community healing, bridges difference and antagonism, and how it supports Native Nations’ sovereignty, BIPOC solidarity, #BLM, and anti-Asian violence.

Participating artists include Choy; Kimberly Blaeser, Wisconsin (poet); Gizhibaa Aanakwad (John Patrick), Wisconsin (drum-maker, drummer); Dyane Harvey Salaam, NYC (dancer, choreographer, Ma’at Mat innovator); Ze Motion, New York (hip hop dancer, BBoy, DJ); Nejma Nefertiti, New York (hip hop artist); Kele Nitoto, Oakland, California (drummer, singer, teacher); Kamau Rashid, Chicago, Illinois (martial artist, scholar); Lacouir Danta Yancey, Fitchburg, Wisconsin (BBoy, massage therapist, personal trainer, martial artist); and Sasanna Yee, California (yoga and Qigong practitioner, teacher, activist).

The webinar will open with movement and spoken word, and the audience will be invited to participate. A discussion and Q&A will follow.

This event is free and open to the public. Please register for the event, here.

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