2023 EPS Conference to focus on ‘Social Justice and Education’

The 2023 Department of Educational Policy Studies (EPS) Conference will center on the theme of “Social Justice and Education.”

Session at the 2022 EPS Conference
A session at the 2022 EPS Conference (Photo: Sarah Maughan)

This annual event looks at equity and justice within the field of education. This year, the conference will explore the complex and contradictory ways that education can simultaneously create, exacerbate, and undermine structures of oppression. How are schools and education linked to historical and contemporary issues in political economy, metropolitan development, the justice system, families and neighborhoods, health and well-being, foreign policy, and environmental crises? How have students, teachers, parents, and communities used education as a site and source of activism, to what ends, and with what consequences? To what extent can education serve as a tool for creating a more just world?

The conference will feature three keynote presentations:

Resisting Asian American Invisibility: The Politics of Race and Education, presented by Stacey Lee, Linda Pheng, and Choua Xiong

Using Quantitative Methods to Promote Social Justice in Education: Examples and Reflections, presented by Amy Classens, Ran Liu, and Taylor Odle

The Dual State: Criminalization and Protection in Education in the Americas, presented by Diana Rodríguez-Gómez and Walter Stern

The conference is a free, all-day event and will take place on March 10 in the UW–Madison Education Building (1000 Bascom Mall). Pre-registration is required to attend.

Find out more and register for this event.

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