Article by UW–Madison’s Harris examines 1930s film that revolutionized dance training

UW–Madison’s Andrea Harris is the author of a new article that was published in Dance Research Journal, titled “Blanche Evan’s ‘Film Studies of the Dance’: The ‘Technique Problem’ and the Creation of New Forms in 1930s Revolutionary Dance.”

Andrea Harris

Harris is an associate professor and chair of the School of Education’s Dance Department.

Harris’s article examines “Film Studies of the Dance,” a dance film created in 1935 by Blanche Evan, Lionel Berman, and David Wolff. An abstract explains that the film premiered Evan’s new system of dance training, Functional Technique, to the 1930s New York revolutionary dance community.

Harris analyzes the film and Functional Technique inside of the debates over technique and content that preoccupied left-wing modern dancers in this period. Ultimately, she writes, “Film Studies of the Dance” emerges as a collaborative attempt by Evan, Berman, and Wolff to create new approaches to dance and film that would unify form and content to further socially conscious art making.

Learn more and access the article here.

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