‘becoming—Feral’ illuminates human and animal relationships

UW–Madison student Alexandra Lakind is the managing editor of a new publication, “becoming—Feral,” which launched on Nov. 10.

Lakind is a joint PhD student in the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She also holds the Arvil S. Barr Graduate Fellowship in the School of Education.

becoming—Feral book cover“becoming—Feral” is a creative research publication that aims to investigate the complex relationships between humans and other animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic animals, set within landscapes constantly being altered by global transformations of climate and capitalism.

A curated collection of poems, scholarly prose, musical composition, ecological research, lyric essays, performance documentation, and visual art — featuring over 80 international contributors — the publication presents a prismatic and multifaceted perspective on our understandings of other animals and their “wildness” through a reimagined form of a “bestiarum vocabulum” (book of beasts).

The collection is published both in print and digitally in order to present multimedia contributions in the form of audio works, video art, and photographic essays.

It was funded as part of an interdisciplinary research group by the Center for Culture, History, and Environment at UW–Madison and a Knowledge Exchange Grant from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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