Books by UW–Madison’s Apple published in Iran


A series of books by UW–Madison’s Michael Apple, the John Bascom Professor Emeritus in the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Department of Educational Policy Studies, has been translated and published by the company Agahpub in Iran.

The titles Agahpub has published include:

  • Ideology and Curriculum” — A path-breaking text examining the relationship between cultural and economic power in education.
  • Education and Power” — A volume that articulates Apple’s theory on educational institutions and the reproduction of unequal power relations and provides a thorough examination of the ways in which race-gender-class dynamics are embedded in, and reflected through, curricular issues.
  • Can Education Change Society?” — A groundbreaking work that pushes educators toward a more substantial understanding of what schools do and what we can do to challenge the relations of dominance and subordination in the larger society.
  • Official Knowledge: Democratic Education in a Conservative Age” — A classic text that challenges readers to critically examine how certain knowledge comes to be “official,” and whose agendas this knowledge represents.

Apple’s volume, “Teachers and Texts: A Political Economy of Class and Gender in Education,” is currently being translated as well.

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