Capital Times features UW–Madison’s spring 2021 artist-in-residence

The Capital Times published a feature story about Litza Bixler, UW–Madison’s spring 2021 interdisciplinary artist-in-residence.

Litza Bixler

Describing Bixler as a choreographer, writer, teacher, costume designer, visual artist, and filmmaker, the article notes she might be best known for “a movie scene in which everybody is doing the same thing.”

It goes on to explain that Bixler was the “zombie choreographer” for Edgar Wright’s 2004 cult hit horror comedy, “Shaun of the Dead.”

In the title scene,” the article says, “we see ordinary folks shuffling through their mornings in perfect unison — checking their phones, listening to music on their headphones. It’s a witty harbinger of later scenes in which undead armies shuffle through the streets in creepy comic formation.”

“The possibilities of movement, and the emotions it can elicit, have interested Bixler throughout her career,” the article explains. This past semester, she brought that fascination to UW–Madison.

The course that Bixler taught in spring 2021, “Creativity, Collaboration and the Creation of Self,” mixed academic theory and artistic practice in exploring the nature of creativity.

“I’d done workshops for adults in creative collaboration, so I had started to play with those ideas,” Bixler told the Capital Times. “I wanted to give them a little bit more of a theoretical foundation. That was the intention of the course, to bring in the historical literature that backed up a lot of the process work that I’d done as a living, breathing artist.”

The spring 2021 Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program (IARP) was presented by UW–Madison’s Division of the Arts and hosted by the School of Education’s Dance Department, with Professor Li Chiao-Ping as lead faculty. Co-sponsors include the School of Education’s Art Department and the Department of Communication Arts.

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