Creating accessible dance experiences is focus of journal article by UW–Madison team

A team from UW–Madison co-authored an article that was published in the Journal of Dance Education, titled “Interdisciplinary Integration: Linking Differentiated P(arts) to Create Accessible Dance Experiences.”

Kate Corby, Mariah LeFeber, and Mary Patterson
From left: Corby, LeFeber, and Patterson

The article — written by Kate Corby, a professor in the School of Education’s Dance Department and chair of the School’s Department of Theatre and Drama; Mariah Meyer LeFeber, an outreach specialist in the School’s office of Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE); and Mary L. Patterson, a former staff member at PLACE and alumna of the Dance Department — introduces Performing Ourselves, an interdisciplinary community dance program that utilizes principles from dance education and dance/movement therapy to serve beginning dancers in grades PK-8 in schools and community centers.

After defining the integrative elements of the curriculum, the article outlines how Performing Ourselves used the shift to virtual programming during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means of creating accessible dance opportunities. In addition to the exploration of how one arts organization approached this challenging time, the article offers ideas and further questions for integrative interdisciplinarity in the arts.

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