‘Evolving Graphic Design’ exhibition on view through June 24

A new exhibition from UW–Madison’s Yeohyun Ahn, “Evolving Graphic Design,” will be on view from May 24 – June 24 in the Art Lofts and Backspace Gallery (111 N Frances Street) at UW–Madison.

Evolving Graphic DesignAhn is an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Art Department. She is the founding director of the project Evolving Graphic Design, which provides exhibition and research opportunities for academically underrepresented graphic design educators in the U.S.

For the exhibition “Evolving Graphic Design,” Ahn is the chief curator and collaborated with two associate curators, Taekyeom Lee, an assistant professor at Iowa State University, and Henrique Nardi, a lecturer in the Art Department at UW–Madison.

An abstract for the exhibition reads as follows:

For many years, graphic design was largely a predominantly white and European-centric field rooted in the Bauhaus and print design principles. But visual design education is rapidly shifting from a Western, print-centric area to a diverse, global one that eagerly employs emerging technology. This exhibition showcases evolving graphic design education, research, and techniques beyond print, crossing boundaries among creative coding, 3D printing, guerrilla projection, speculative design, performative sound, data visualization, human-centered design, augmented reality with activism, inclusive graphic design, and cultural identity impacted by globalization.

A symposium related the exhibition will be held June 23-24 in the Art Lofts Conference Room, and a closing reception will take place on Friday, June 24, at 6 p.m.

For more information, visit this page on the Art Department website and evgd.org. You can also learn more about the exhibition via Instagram.

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