Halverson’s ‘How the Arts Can Change Education’ gets media attention

Erica Halverson’s new book, “How the Arts Can Save Education: Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Instruction,” is receiving significant media coverage.

Book cover: How the Arts Can Save EducationHalverson is a professor and chair in the School of Education’s highly regarded Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Her book, which was released on Oct. 22 by Teachers College Press, provides a blueprint for utilizing the arts — performing, visual, and multimedia — to rethink what good learning, teaching, and curriculum can be.

According to a preview for the book, “Halverson offers new models for learning that embrace the social, cultural, and historical assets that kids bring to the classroom, with guidance for designing engaging learning experiences for all grades and subject areas.”

Recent media coverage of Halverson’s “How the Arts Can Save Education” includes:

  • On Oct. 17, the Wisconsin State Journal published a Q&A with Halverson that is headlined, “Local theater artist Erica Halverson has ideas for how to save the arts in education.”
  • On Oct. 22, Halverson was interviewed by KQED, Northern California’s NPR and PBS member station, in a report that is headlined, “How arts practices can be the foundation of teaching and learning.”
  • On Oct. 28, Halverson appeared on the Amidon Planet Podcast to discuss the book.

Learn more about Halverson’s “How the Arts Can Save Education” on this Teachers College Press webpage.