In podcast, UW–Madison’s Velliquette speaks on ‘presence and permanence’ in paper sculpting

UW–Madison faculty member Michael Velliquette appeared recently on the Level Up Artists podcast for an episode that is titled, “Presence and Permanence with Michael Velliquette.”

Michael Velliquette

In the episode, Velliquette, an artist and paper sculptor, talks about discovering paper as a complex creative medium, exploring where present and permanence intersect, pursuing opportunities that are genuine to the work, and nurturing professional relationships while balancing gallery representation.

Velliquette is an assistant professor of foundations in the School of Education’s Art Department, where he teaches courses in visual literacy and creative practice. He is also a UW–Madison alumnus, having earned his MA and MFA from the Art Department in 2000.

As an artist, Velliquette makes intricately constructed paper-based sculpture, using “a humble, everyday material to open a view into imagined worlds.”

To learn more about his work, check out the full episode of “Presence and Permanence with Michael Velliquette.”

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