Inside Higher Ed publishes Thompson op-ed: ‘Advice for faculty members in a turbulent time’

UW-Madison’s Mindi Thompson wrote an op-ed that was published by Inside Higher Ed and headlined, “Advice for faculty members in a turbulent time.”

Thompson is an associate professor with the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology, and a coach and academic director of faculty programs at the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity.

Mindi Thompson

In response to an educator concerned with transitioning to online instruction and making sense of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Thompson shares that it’s “normal to experience a range of emotional reactions.”

She reminds readers that now, more than ever, people should make mental and physical health a priority. Thompson outlines strategies to do so, starting with creating boundaries around media, by scheduling blocks of time each day to engage with media and news, and being thoughtful and intentional about the media outlets one uses.

Thompson also recommends keeping active, whether that means exploring new resources for physical activity or simply revisiting leisure activities that contribute joy and relaxation.

In her op-ed, Thompson also suggests maintaining connections with others, exercising patience and kindness, paying attention to feelings and thoughts,  and creating structure and routine.

One thing Thompson has been doing every day is writing, which is an easy activity that can support overall health and wellness. It may be difficult to be productive at this time, Thompson says, but even completing minor goals can contribute to wellness.

To learn much more about Thompson’s thoughts on this topic, read her op-ed via this Inside Higher Ed web page.