Ladson-Billings interviewed by Tampa Bay Times for report on Florida schools and COVID-19 response

UW-Madison’s Gloria Ladson-Billings, a professor emerita with the School of Education, was interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times for a report examining how Florida and its schools are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report explains that while schools in some states have decided against online instruction, Florida schools are continuing with online courses. Some are unsure of this approach, but the state’s Department of Education sees a continuation of instruction as a great solution.

Gloria Ladson-Billings

Ladson Billings, who is president of the National Academy of Education, says it’s not clear which plan is optimal. “I can see the arguments on both sides,” she tells Tampa Bay Times.

She explains that because Florida schools heavily invested in classroom technology, they might be able to provide enough students with equipment to bridge the divide. It’s possible, too, she adds, that schools across the nation will change their approach and switch gears as they learn more.

“We all know this is not the same as instruction in the classroom. I don’t think anybody is trying to make it that,” Ladson-Billings tells the newspaper. “What people are trying to do is ensure there are not learning losses.”

Read the Tampa Bay Times report here.