Proposal by recent UW–Madison grad is selected for international digital art conference

An art/design paper and proposal by recent UW–Madison graduate Josephine M. Cutrara has been selected for the International Digital Media and Art (iDMAa) Conference 2022 at Winona State University from June 24-26.

Josephine M. Cutrara

Cutrara earned her BFA degree from the School of Education’s Art Department in May 2022, including concentrations in graphic design, 3D modeling, and painting.

The theme of this year’s iDMAa conference, “Weird Media,” focuses on unconventional media studies and welcomes fresh perspectives — “from the odd to the uncanny, from the suspiciously animated to the supernaturally ordained, from the familiar forms to far-out fabulations, from established to the emergent” — according to the conference website.

Cutrara’s proposal, entitled “Blank-xious Space,” is a digital art project focusing on the experience of anxiety, a common struggle that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The project offers viewers an opportunity to visualize the anxieties that crowd their mind in isolation.

Cutrara says the project emerged from computational drawings that transpired into generative type, generative photographic portraits, interactive/print exhibition design, and interactive web design — a practice she calls “trans-disciplinary design.”

Learn more about “Blank-xious Space,” and view a virtual reality exhibit of work from Cutrara’s project.

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