Short is featured speaker Oct. 6 during Center for Healthy Minds’ series promoting mental well-being

Sarah Short

The School of Education’s Sarah Short is among UW–Madison and other experts being featured in the Center for Healthy Minds’ “The World We Make” virtual event series, which will take place Oct. 5-9.

Short is an assistant professor and the Dorothy King Chair in Educational Psychology with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology. Short also is a faculty member with the Center for Healthy Minds.

The series aims to promote mental well-being in a variety of contexts during this challenging moment in time. Short will be a speaker for an event on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. that is titled, “The Developing Mind,” along with fellow Center for Healthy Minds faculty member Julie Poehlmann-Tynan.

Short and Poehlmann-Tynan will discuss ways to support and nurture our children and the next generation in their well-being, particularly those who are struggling with poverty or bear trauma from other challenges such as systemic racism.

“While scientists do not understand all of the mechanisms yet, there are some actions that parents can take to support their children and that we as a society can take to support parents, caregivers, and children struggling with the challenges of poverty and trauma,” explains the webpage for the event.

Learn more or register for the discussion, here.

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