‘The Other Shoe,’ featuring work by UW–Madison’s Li, is spotlighted as ‘show to see’ in Pittsburgh

Photo of Li Chiao-Ping
Li Chiao-Ping

UW–Madison’s Li Chiao-Ping is one of four commissioned choreographers for Beth Corning’s upcoming production, “The Other Shoe,” which will be presented by Corningworks at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh, Oct. 20-24. 

Li is the Sally Banes Professor of Dance and a Vilas Research Professor with the School of Education’s Dance Department

“The Other Shoe” draws upon modern social media comments as inspiration for theatrical dance performances. Critics have called it an “acute, bold, and outspoken commentary on our country’s current moment in time.”

“The Other Shoe” has been highlighted as a “performance to see” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Dance Magazine.

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