Two School of Education advisors win awards

Two advisors with the School of Education have been honored with awards from UW–Madison’s Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Pon-Franklin (left) and Schaefer with their awards

Sarah Schaefer, associate director for career education and advising, received an Outstanding Achievement Award. This award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to UW–Madison undergraduate advising, career services, and/or learning support, with emphasis on direct student, employer, and/or alumni impact.

Schaefer’s nominators wrote, “Over the past seven years, Sarah has contributed to the success of hundreds of UW undergraduate and graduate students as they navigate their career journeys across the arts, education, and health fields.”

Alyssa Pon-Franklin, academic advising manager, received a Collaborative Impact Award, along with Jordan Berken from the College of Letters and Science and Carmen Pits with International Academic Programs. This award honors partnerships who have made a significant and impactful contribution through their collaborative work. It recognizes the importance of cooperative effort in creating and executing meaningful programs and events, process improvements, and/or marketing and promotion.

The work of these three on the UW Global Launch in London Program led to their nomination for the award. 

Pon-Franklin, Berken, and Pits “have always put the student’s degree progress and best interest at the heart of every decision they have made,” wrote their nominators. “Carmen, Jordan, and Alyssa are working to think strategically about how to ease these students’ transition back to campus, as well as encouraging the parents of these students to let their students take the lead.”

“We are so grateful for all the ways in which Jordan, Alyssa, and Carmen have collaborated across campus units to create and ensure a positive, engaging, and life-changing experience for some of our first-year students.”

Learn more about UW–Madison’s Office of Undergraduate Advising awards.

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