UW alumna Johnson presents on ‘Accessible Attitudes’ at Moebius Syndrome conference

UW–Madison alumna Allison Johnson presented her “Accessible Attitudes” disability inclusion workshop at the 2022 Moebius Syndrome Foundation conference on July 15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Allison Johnson

Johnson earned her master’s degree from the School of Education’s Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education in 2021.

Johnson created the workshop to start a conversation about people’s past experiences with the disability community, and to facilitate discussing experiences they have faced that are similar to the challenges that people with disabilities face every day. Through this conversation Johnson hopes to foster deeper empathy and understanding of the disability community and make our society a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

Johnson was born with Moebius Syndrome, which affects the sixth and seventh cranial nerves and results in facial paralysis and other health conditions. She said it’s “a dream come true” to have the opportunity to present at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation conference.

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