UW alumnus Teitelbaum authors new book: ‘Critical Issues in Democratic Schooling’

UW–Madison alumnus Kenneth Teitelbaum has authored a new book, “Critical Issues in Democratic Schooling:  Curriculum, Teaching, and Socio-Political Realities,” which was published by Routledge in May 2020.

Critical Issues in Democratic Schooling book coverTeitelbaum earned his doctorate from the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum in Instruction in 1985.

“Focusing on a wide range of critical issues, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the linkage of different educational ideas, policies, and practices to a commitment for democratic schooling,” begins the description of the book on the Routledge website.

The description continues:

Informed by significant, interdisciplinary research, as well as by Teitelbaum’s own extensive professional experiences as a teacher, professor, department chair, and dean, (the book) examines contemporary concerns related to three broad areas: 1) teaching and teacher education; 2) curriculum studies; and 3) multiculturalism and social justice. (Teitelbaum’s) approach is to integrate the current and the historical, the practical and the theoretical, the technical and the socio-political, and the personal and the structural. With this volume, Teitelbaum considers how schools should be organized and funded; what they should teach and to whom; the role that teachers, students, and parents should play in school life; and the need and prospects for schools and teacher education programs that foster meaningful learning, critical reflection, and social justice.

“A good deal of my work at the university level has been involved with seeking to better understand how specific education ideas, policies, and practices are linked to concerns for democracy, equality, and justice,” said Teitelbaum in a Q&A with Routledge.

“This book represents a more comprehensive effort to share my research and experiences in teaching and teacher education, curriculum studies, and multicultural education.”

Teitelbaum is a former education dean at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He was also a department chair at Kent State University and a faculty member and graduate program coordinator at Binghamton University and Syracuse University.

Learn more and purchase Teitelbaum’s book at routledge.com, here.