UW–Madison alum Dáil wins multiple book awards for ‘Fearless’

UW–Madison alumna Paula Dáil, who earned her PhD from the School of Education in 1983 in continuing and vocational education, has received both a Literary Titan Gold Award and a silver medal in the Reader’s Choice Book Awards for her new novel, “Fearless.”

Fearless” follows Maggie Corrigan as she joins the convent rather than get married. But after realizing the danger women are in under the rule of the Catholic church, she decides to fight for reproductive rights from within the system. A preview of the book adds: “Inspired by a true story, ‘Fearless is a gripping and empowering tale about one woman’s perseverance in the face of patriarchal and religious oppression.”

The Literary Titan Gold Award is bestowed on books “that we found to be perfect in their delivery of original content, utilizing fresh themes to convey innovative ideas, and deftly uses elegant prose to transform words into expertly written literature,” according to Literary Titan’s website. Dáil was among the authors honored for their “hard work, dedication, and writing talent” in November 2022.

In the Readers Choice Book Awards, Dáil received a silver medal in the Best Adult Book (fiction) category during the Autumn 2022 awards season. 

Dáil has also won awards for her research, teaching, and writing, including an Independent Publishers Book Award. She has published 10 books, and currently writes a bi-monthly column for a Milwaukee-based newspaper.

Learn about Dáil’s acclaimed novel, “Fearless.”

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