UW-Madison alum Scull featured in Monitor on Psychology report on psychologists working abroad

UW-Madison alumnus Nick Scull was featured among various professionals in American Psychology Association’s (APA) story on American psychologists working abroad.

Scull earned his Ph.D. from the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology in 2009. Now, Scull is applying what he learned to his work in Kuwait with Arab and Muslim communities.

After earning his degree, Scull secured a job as the first psychologist at Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network, a nonprofit clinic that serves children, adolescents, and adults. Though at the time he was one of only four. U.S.-licensed psychologists in the country, Scull has succeeded in launching and directing a department of mental health and wellness. The mental health care carries a strong stigma in Kuwait, according to APA, Scull has seen an uptick in patients seeking care for mental health concerns since he arrived.

In addition to the stigma of mental health, Scull has often to face other obstacles while practicing in Kuwait. He tells APA that there is a lack of infrastructure when it comes to situations like domestic violence and child abuse, often making him feel helpless to aid his patients.

Despite the difficulties, Scull reports to APA that his work has been highly rewarding.

Read the full story here.

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