UW–Madison alum wins prestigious award from Taiwanese government

UW–Madison alumna Yun-Wen Chan is the recipient of a prestigious award from the Taiwanese government.

Yun-Wen Chan

Chan, who earned her PhD from the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 2019, has been awarded the Ministry of Science and Technology’s 2022 Taiwanese Overseas Pioneers Grant for Young Scholars. The purpose of these grants is to encourage the talents of Taiwanese in the humanities and social sciences, and to help them focus on the writing of academic books and dissertations to enhance the quality of academic research and increase their status at foreign universities and academic institutions.

Chan is currently an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at Texas State University. Her research focuses on environmental citizenship, which she says, “is located at the intersection of sustainability education and civic education.” Within the realm of sustainability, Chan asks how to balance human and natural needs, how cultural orientations and economic pressures interact, and where education fits in mediating these challenges.

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