UW–Madison’s Ahn presents typography series at CAA conference

UW–Madison’s Yeohyun Ahn will present “TYPE + CODE Series” at the College Art Association’s 109th annual conference on Thursday, Feb. 11. Ahn’s presentation is part of a session on “Design and the Environment.”

Yeohyun Ahn

Ahn is an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Art Department.

“TYPE + CODE Series” is a collection of ongoing typography research using computation, which Ahn initiated in 2005. It explores alternative aesthetics of code and data-driven typography inspired by calligraphy, expressive typography, and self-portrait photographs.

Ahn will also will serve as co-chair of the conference panel, “Social Exclusion in New Media Art and Design: Individualized Marginalization,” on Feb. 11.

The CAA annual conference will take place virtually between Feb. 10 and 13. Learn more about the conference and how to register, here.

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