UW–Madison’s Apple and alumna Verma co-edit ‘Disrupting Hate in Education’

UW–Madison’s Michael W. Apple and alumna Rita Verma have co-edited a book that is titled, “Disrupting Hate in Education: Teacher Activists, Democracy, and Global Pedagogies of Interruption.”

Disrupting Hate in Education book coverApple is the John Bascom Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Policy Studies. Verma earned her doctorate from the School of Education’s Department of Educational Policy Studies, and is currently a professor at Adelphi University.

The book is both national and international in scope. Its critical focus deals with the following:

“Disrupting Hate in Education” aims to identify and respond to the ideological forms of hate and fear that are present in schools, which echo larger nativist and populist agendas. Contributions to this volume are international in scope, providing powerful examples from U.S. schools and communities, examining anti-extremism work in the United Kingdom, the “saffronization” of schools in India, struggles to re-orient the villainization of teachers in Brazil, and more. Written by a dynamic group of activist educators and critical researchers, chapters demonstrate how conservative mobilizations around collective identities gain momentum, and how these mobilizations can be interrupted. Out of these interruptions come new opportunities to practice a critically democratic education that hinges upon risk-taking, deep dialogue, and creating a space for common dignity.

Learn more about the book on the Routledge Press website, here.