UW–Madison’s Ausderau quoted in WMTV story on Capital High Parenting Program

Karla Ausderau, an associate professor of occupational therapy with the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, was featured in a recent WMTV report about an innovative program that helps teen parents graduate from high school.

Karla Ausderau

The Capital High Parenting Program, which receives support from UW–Madison occupational therapy students, is the focus of the report. Ausderau has overseen the program’s partnership between the Madison Metropolitan School District and UW–Madison since 2012.

“Our university is really built on the idea that we need to be embedded in our community and give back to our community,” Ausderau tells WMTV. She adds that the occupational therapy program provides opportunities for UW–Madison students to learn skills helpful for “training and future occupational therapy roles.”

“The outcome is mothers and young families who feel proud of themselves and who feel capable to take on whatever postsecondary adventure, opportunity they chose to have,” says Jessie Loeb, a Capitol High Parenting Program educator.

The Capital High Parenting Program recently relocated to a new location. Ausderau and her team of researchers are helping the program navigate the change by identifying best practices in other teen parenting programs across the state. 

Learn more about the program, and read the full WMTV story.

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