UW–Madison’s Baldacchino is co-editor of special journal issue on educational autonomy

UW–Madison’s John Baldacchino recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Policy Futures in Education, titled “Complexities of and Opportunities for Education’s Autonomy.”


Baldacchino is a professor of art and art education with the School of Education’s Art Department. He edited and wrote the introduction to the special issue with Yosef-Hassidim, and he is the author of a chapter that is titled, “A subject’s autonomy: Undidactic mediation in Georg Lukács and John Dewey.”

Policy Futures in Education is a peer-reviewed international journal that is futures-oriented and committed to promoting debate in education among university academics, government, and more. In their introduction to the special issue, Baldacchino and Yosef-Hassidim write that advocates of education’s autonomy should ask, “not just where we want to go,” but also,”how far do we want to go; to what degree programs of education’s autonomy should inspire to change theoretical and practical frameworks, and as such the way we think about education?”

“By surveying such questions,” Baldacchino and Yosef-Hassidim add, “we hope to expand the discourse on education’s autonomy into related and even unrelated contexts, where it is very possible that autonomy is not seen as having any direct relevance — depending, of course, on how one poses its questions — but where on a closer look, both context and case bring up new avenues of thinking and dialogue.”

Access the special issue here.

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