UW–Madison’s Baldacchino publishes symposium on ‘Education’s Autonomy’

UW–Madison’s John Baldacchino has published a symposium special edition for the journal Educational Theory, focused on “Education’s Autonomy.”

John Baldacchino

Baldacchino is a professor of art and education in the School of Education’s Art Department.

Baldacchino organized and edited this special edition with Doron Yosef Hassidim (Lakehead University), with whom he wrote an introduction that is titled, “Education’s Autonomy as a Utopian Polysemic Possibility: Challenges and a Path Forward.” Baldacchino also wrote a paper for the symposium that is titled, “Formative Autonomy: Lessons from Elio Petri.”

The symposium brings together a number of national and international theorists of education, and it is one of a series of projects on the subject of education’s autonomy spearheaded by Baldacchino and Hassidim. The two have presented on the topic at multiple conferences in the U.S. and internationally.

Baldacchino and Hassidim are also planning a special edition for the journal Policy Futures in Education and a symposium to be held in Bergen, Norway, in Dec. 2021. 

Access the Educational Theory special edition: “Symposium: Education’s Autonomy.”

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