UW–Madison’s Bartlett invited to talk at seminar on literacy in Brazil

On Sept. 13, UW–Madison’s Lesley Bartlett will give an invited talk for the First International Seminar in Literacy at the State University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Her talk is titled, “Translanguaging as a Strategy for Immigrant Inclusion and Critical Literacy.”

Lesley Bartlett

Bartlett is a professor and department chair within the School of Education’s Department of Educational Policy Studies. Her research focuses on multilingual literacies, migration, and educator professional development.

The conference focuses on contemporary debates about early grade literacy in Brazil. Speakers will consider current debates regarding literacy pedagogy, writing instruction, literacy assessment, and professional development for early grade educators. They will also discuss how to blend contemporary research in the “science of reading” with critical perspectives from Brazilian educational theorists Paulo Freire and Magda Soares.

In her talk, Bartlett will discuss how a translanguaging perspective can help educators appreciate the language resources of immigrant and refugee students, based on the recent book she co-authored,”Humanizing Education for Immigrant and Refugee Youth.”

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