UW–Madison’s Grant is author of new book on James Baldwin

UW–Madison’s Carl Grant, the Hoefs-Bascom Professor in the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is the author of a new book that is titled, “James Baldwin and the American Schoolhouse.”

Photo of Carl Grant

The book — written for teacher educators, teachers, and admirers of James Baldwin — employs James Baldwin’s essays and speeches to discuss how the effects of race and racism “enter the souls of African American students and become attached and difficult to dislodge,” explains a preview for the book on the Routledge website. It also utilizes Baldwin’s work to provide educators and students “with purpose, meaning, and suggestions for how to stand up against racism, develop an authentic self, and fight oppression.”

Though it takes advantage of the full body of Baldwin’s work, the foundation of the book is three speeches James Baldwin gave in the 1960s on the education of African American children and African American and European American race relations in the United States.

Grant’s book has received enthusiastic reviews from scholars and educators around the country. “The analyses in ‘James Baldwin and the American Schoolhouse’ make a convincing case for how all teachers can show that Black Lives Matter,” says Brian D. Schultz, a professor and chair of teacher education at Miami University, in his review of the book.  

Learn more about Carl Grant’s “James Baldwin and the American Schoolhouse” on this Routledge webpage.