UW–Madison’s Hora speaks with media about range of issues impacting young professionals

In May UW–Madison’s Matthew Hora spoke with WalletHub and Politico about some of the considerations and challenges facing early-career professionals.

Matthew Hora

Hora is an associate professor of adult and higher education with the Division of Continuing Studies and with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Policy Studies. He is also co-director of UW–Madison’s Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT).

In WalletHub, Hora shared his thoughts on a number of questions for their report on “The Best & Worst Places to Start a Career (2024).”

Speaking about what indicators matter the most for young professionals when choosing a city, Hora said: “Besides a reasonable cost of living, I see graduates increasingly selecting cities that are close to friends and family, which I think is a post-pandemic driver of career decision-making that was common in some cultures and parts of the world but is now rather widespread.”

“Other indicators,” he added, “continue to be a lively cultural scene, decent access to nature, and limited pollution, with growing numbers of students also thinking about the future impacts of climate change on an area.”

Hora also spoke with Politico about the decline in internships available in Washington, D.C., which has long been a destination for college students aiming for careers in government or public policy. This decline has come at a time when more colleges are establishing internship programs in D.C., and more college students are pursuing internships overall.

Colleges are “moved by research tying internships to better salaries and job prospects after graduation,” Hora told Politico. “The market has been flooded.”

Hora added that there is little data on internships, and this makes it difficult for researchers to fully understand the issue. “It’s the wild west,” Hora said. “And not in a good way.”

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