UW–Madison’s Li to present work at 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival in New York City

Work by UW–Madison’s Li Chiao-Ping will be featured at the 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival, taking place Feb. 6-7 in New York City.

Li is the Sally Banes Professor of Dance and a Vilas Research Professor with the School of Education’s Dance Department.

Photo of two dancers
Li’s “here n o w here” will be performed at the 2022 SoloDuo Dance Festival on Feb. 6.

Li’s work “here n o w here” will be presented as part of the festival’s Program 1, on Feb. 6 at 6 p.m., at Dixon Place in New York City. The work is described as interrogating identity from multiple perspectives. Performed by Alfonso Cervera and Piper Morgan Hayes, the dancers’ fluid motions, spoken text, and physical entanglements work in concert with ideas of how we are shaped — who we are, are told we are, think we are, and know we are.

The 6th Annual SoloDance Festival, presented by White Wave Dance, will feature 30 dancemakers from the New York metropolitan area and across the U.S. The program celebrates the unique art of the solo and duet, creating opportunities to display the latest work of both emerging and mid-career choreographers and offering vivid experiences for audiences.

Learn more about the 2022 SoloDuoDance Festival.

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