UW–Madison’s Odle discusses impacts of loan forgiveness on WORT-FM

UW–Madison’s Taylor Odle, an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Department of Educational Policy Studies, recently spoke about the impacts of the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan on Madison’s WORT-FM.

Taylor Odle

In an interview with WORT reporter Abigail Leavins, Odle discussed how people are feeling about Biden’s plan. “I think folks are really excited,” he said, “particularly coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic when family finances and budgets have been a little strained.”

He added that he thinks a wide variety of people will benefit from loan forgiveness, including individuals who have finished their degrees and are working — and those who attended college but did not earn a degree.

Odle also addressed questions about who is eligible for loan forgiveness, how Biden’s program is unique from other loan forgiveness programs, and its potential longer-term, systemic impacts on higher education.

Listen to the full segment at wortfm.org.

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