WCER Director Courtney Bell speaks with PBS Wisconsin

By Karen Rivedal, WCER Communications

PBS Wisconsin journalist Murv Seymour spoke with Courtney Bell, director of the School of Education’s Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER), for a wide-ranging “In Focus” interview recently around the state of education in the U.S and abroad, as well as about new WCER research on teaching — including simulations that support teacher learning.


The 35-minute television broadcast, which aired June 17, also covers how WCER is structured and funded, and its wide variety of research, evaluation, and development projects. Post-COVID challenges such as learning loss, online learning, and mental health issues are highlighted, as is Bell’s own non-linear path to the field of education, which began for her after college doing Teach for America as a 22-year-old high school science teacher in the rural South.

“One of the things I learned that was the most profound for me was the ways in which we can be born into advantages that we have no idea are even advantages,” Bell says of that time.

To learn more, watch the PBS video and view the full transcript.

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