Webinar on Jan. 12 will explore how music education can support social emotional learning and equity

UW–Madison’s Yorel Lashley and Gloria Ladson-Billings will be featured in a webinar hosted by the Save the Music Foundation on Wednesday, Jan. 12, that is titled, “SEL (social emotional learning) for Equity and Vitality through Music Education.”

Lashley, who will moderate the discussion, is the director of programs for the School of Education’s office of Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE), and the director of student empowerment for the Center for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning (ArtsEdSEL). Ladson-Billings, who will be presenting, is a professor emerita in the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and the president of the National Academy of Education.

The conversation — which will also feature Franklin Willis, an elementary music coach for Metro Nashville Public Schools — will explore culturally relevant and culturally sustaining practices and approaches for music education that support student social and emotional skill development and health.

A preview for the discussion explains: “Culture is what students and teachers bring with them into a classroom, who they are, how they live, and what they experience, which informs their identity. Every student, teacher, and person has culture that needs to be honored. In building SEL-based learning environments we make spaces where culture(s) live(s) and is nurtured so that students can learn through authentic connections and relationships that support empowerment and ownership.”

The webinar is part of a series from the Save the Music Foundation, in partnership with ArtsEdSEL, that is providing teachers with professional learning opportunities geared towards teaching music educators how to embed SEL in the classroom.

The discussion will take place at 6 pm (CT) on Jan. 12, and registration is required to attend. Learn more at this Save the Music Foundation webpage.