Work from UW-Madison artists featured in drive-thru exhibit

Multiple artists affiliated with UW-Madison were featured in a drive-thru exhibit at the Garver Feed Mill.

Garver Feed Mill exhibitThe artists of this unique project include faculty members from the School of Education’s Art Department in Aristotle Georgiades, Gail Simpson, and Helen Lee. The work of Art Department alumna Adriana Barrios (MFA ’19) is also featured, as is the work of MFA candidates Kayla Story and Kyle Herrera.

“Outside looking in: A drive-thru exhibition,” is an evocative and diverse collection featuring work from 18 artists. According to an Isthmus report, the work ranges from lighthearted to sincere, and includes an impressive variety of mediums.

Simpson and Georgiades’ sculpture, “Failed Mascots,” re-combine plater seals, a plastic pony, and a Paul Bunyan head in “absurdist mashups.”

At night, a passerby can see Barrios’ projection of ocean waves at the arched front entrance. Describing her piece as “a witness to human activity, loss, and beauty,” Barrios’ project combines drone-recorded videos and live footage from the coast of San Diego, California.

Lee’s installation shines out from one of the mill’s windows reading: “Haven’t you always wondered what it would finally take to stop us in our tracks.”

Read more about the exhibition, which runs through May 31, in this  Isthmus report.

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