School of Education Dean Diana Hess discusses Teacher Pledge with VERIFY

UW–Madison School of Education Dean Diana Hess was featured in VERIFY’s “The Burnout Equation: America’s Teacher Shortage Crisis.”

Diana Hess photo

The feature shares the perspective of academics and teachers from across the country who discuss how teacher salary, the pandemic, job vacancies, and more have negatively influenced American teachers.

In a video interview, Hess speaks about the UW–Madison School of Education Wisconsin Teacher Pledge program, which pays the equivalent of in-state tuition and fees, testing, and licensing costs for all teacher education students who pledge to teach in the state of Wisconsin for three or four years after graduation. 

Hess states, “We have lowered the barriers to get through teacher education significantly with the Teacher Pledge.”

Hess notes that during the three years the program has been in operation, proof of its success can be found in the increased number of students entering UW–Madison’s teacher education programs.

Learn more about the causes of teacher burnout and possible solutions by checking out the full VERIFY feature.

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