UW–Madison alum and Packers athletic trainer Roberge featured on ABC News

UW–Madison alumna Erin Roberge shared her experience as the first female, full-time athletic trainer (AT) for the Green Bay Packers recently on ABC News. Roberge graduated from the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology in 2021 with a BS in athletic training. She began an internship with the Packers in 2020, and was hired full-time in January 2023. 


ABC News speaks with Roberge about what her role as an AT for the Packers entails, and her experience as a trailblazing woman in the sports field: “You’ll often find (Roberge) working with players, diagnosing, rehabbing, and treating any orthopedic injury,” according to the segment.

Roberge was recently honored with an exhibit in the Packers Hall of Fame to recognize her role. “I’m 25 and already made it,” she tells ABC News.

In the video interview, Roberge also speaks about the struggle of working in a male-dominated field, and how she hopes she is helping to support future generations of women in sports medicine: “Some of the things you do then represent all women that they may hire in the future,” she says.

Earlier this year, in a Q&A with the School of Education, Roberge said, “Sometimes it is hard to wrap my head around the historic nature of it, but I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received since.”

She continued: “The path is never easy, but hard work and dedication will always pay off. I can’t wait to see more young women joining the profession and I hope to be working with them soon!”

Check out the ABC News interview with Roberge.

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