Winter 2020 graduates are ready to lead and inspire

On Sunday, Dec. 13, UW–Madison will celebrate its Winter 2020 Commencement. Though unfortunately there will be no in-person celebrations due to ongoing public health concerns, we are tremendously proud of all of our students graduating from School of Education programs. 

We reached out to a few of our graduating students to learn more about their favorite memories, advice for incoming students, and most importantly, which is the best Babcock ice cream flavor. Scroll down to learn more about these amazing graduates, and click their names to read their stories.


Amanda Siebert-EvenstoneAmanda Siebert-Evenstone
PhD, Educational Psychology

Reasons for pursuing graduate study — “I wanted to understand the messiness of learning — how does it happen individually and in groups, and how could I learn to measure it? I loved the messiness of the analyses and the optimism of looking at learning gains.”


Aneta GłowaczAneta Glowacz
BS, Rehabilitation Psychology; Polish

Advice for incoming students — “Do not be afraid to feel uncomfortable. As a freshman, you are plunged into a whole new world which could quickly become overwhelming, but I promise you, you belong at UW–Madison.”


Annika NeidingerAnnika Neidinger
BFA, Art

Future plans — “One day I’d like to return to school for my MFA or a degree in education. In the meantime, I will be showing work in exhibitions, applying for residencies and grants, and looking for opportunities to learn new skills.”


Arthur ThaoArthur Thao
BS, Art

Class or professor that had the greatest impact — “It’s honestly hard to pick one class or professor. All of the courses I’ve taken have impacted the way I create. Shout-outs to Professor Henrique Nardi, Professor Yeohyun Ahn, and Professor Dennis Miller who have all taught me so much in the graphic design field. I experienced and gained so much knowledge and disciplines from all three of these amazing professors.” 


Brendan Eagan and his familyBrendan Eagan
PhD, Educational Psychology

Most meaningful experience at UW–Madison — “Working in the Epistemic Analytics lab here at UW–Madison has literally taken me around the world. I was fortunate to be involved in international collaborations that led me to Namibia, Japan, France, the UK, as well as many institutions here in the United States.”


Brianna StolteBrianna Stolte
BSE, Elementary Education; Spanish

Most meaningful experience at UW–Madison — “I truly cherished my student teaching experience at Huegel Elementary (in Madison). I was able to develop my own teaching identity and find pure joy learning alongside my second graders.”


gabe hannaGabe Hanna
BS, Theatre and Drama

Advice for incoming students — “Don’t be afraid to try new things. I know it may sound a bit cliché, but as you grow and mature, the worst thing you can do is put yourself in a box and never take risks or give new opportunities a try. Always be willing to try something new, whether it’s a free pottery session at the Union, a class that your friend recommended, or even a new place to eat on State Street.”


Mira GrinsfelderMira Grinsfelder
BS, Education Studies

Advice for incoming students — “You’ll learn as much, if not more, outside of the classroom — volunteer, attend meetings you know nothing about, share meaningful conversation, join community groups, and share meals. Your life is your classroom.”


Tanushree RawatTanushree (Tanu) Rawat
PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Class or professor that had the greatest impact — “Through Dr. Rich Halverson’s class, Leadership and Technology in Education, I was introduced to the idea of the transformative potential of digital tools to improve education. It has shaped my entire graduate school career.”

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